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    Amazon Shop: find the suitable product!

    Amazon shop, the largest virtual product shop you can ever think and hope for! Everyone knows about it, but most of them don’t know some basic things, and of course, you also will always have some question to ask. So, here I am going to give you the answers!



    What is Amazon shop?

    Amazon shop is the virtual store of various products, clothes, furniture, technological products- almost everything you can get through Amazon. The most fascinating thing is they will deliver all these products on your one click. You can sit in your couch all alone and find what you need. No, no hurry, no tension, nothing to worry! You will get what you want.

    How to create Amazon shop?

    Amazon has its own store. But if you want to create your own shop like many others, you can do it. by doing this, you can sell your product and buy things more easily than ever.  Besides, creating your own shop in Amazon site can give you the opportunity to show your product and make your business smooth. Now, the question is how to open it?

    Firstly, decide what type of shop you want to create? Is that an individual shop or professional one? After you get you answer, go for it. in that case, Seller central will help you. if you sell your goods as individual seller, you can do it for free. But if you want to start professionally, then you have to pay $39.99 per month. The additional value of the product will be added.

    How many categories you can use?

    There are some specific options under which you can sell your products through Amazon shop. There are almost 20 shops now for individual accounts. But if your shop is professional one, you can sell total in 35 categories.

    What type of products can be sold?

    You can sell products like- book, electronics, toy, games etc. through the individual account. To access clothing, fine art, beauty products etc. you need to enlarge your shop more by accessing the professional account.

    What is featured merchant?

    A featured merchant is the person who holds an Amazon shop which is backed by Amazon itself. If you do very well with your Amazon shop, you can enjoy this benefit to be a featured merchant. If your buyers become very happy, then you can achieve it. Through it you can also get the Buy Box.

    Which online shop is better?

    I already have told about two types of shop. These are- Individual and professional. If you want to choose from the two, then the professional ones can me better than the other one for you. Here you will get things like- free same day delivery, the access of video streaming and different types of music as a part of having membership, unlimited photos from Amazon etc. even you can share your shop with other people too. So what do you need more? Just virtually go to the shop, open any shop if you want and enjoy everything so easily!


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